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Welcome to Southern Watch

Your one stop watch service and repair centre

Service Repairs

Watch Repairs

One of the main services we offer at Southern Watch is watch making. We do wrist watch repairs to all brands of watches including Pulsar, Lourus, Seiko, Hallmark, Citizen, Tomato, Guess, Rotary, Tisot etc old and modern. We offer a full and comprehensive watch repair service that includes the dismantling of all the working components of the watch, scrutinizing each and every part and then servicing or replacing all faulty watch parts in order to get the watch working  properly again. We import and source all our own watch spares and are known to carry the biggest and most extensive stock of watch spares in the industry. Where servicing is required the watch movement is stripped to component level  after which each and every component is cleaned in a watch part cleaning machine, reassembled and all moving parts oiled.

Watch Movements

 We also offer a watch movement replacement service were our watchmakers will assess the fault and replace the movement with an original movement. In some watch brands that use specific watch movements like non strip /non serviceable movements a good quality Japanese or Swiss replacement movement will be used. If the cost of repairing a movement of a faulty watch is more than the repair and servicing cost a new original or good quality Swiss or Japanese replacement watch movement will be used. We import our own watch movements from all over the world and keep an extensive stock list.

Other repair services done by us include winder/stem and button/crown repairs, fitting of new stem and button/crown. Servicing of pushers. Refitting loose watch hands, fitting new hands. Refitting loose digits on watch dial. Cleaning of watch cases done in a ultrasonic cleaning machine.

All our watch repairs and servicing is done on our premises, no outsourcing accept where a specific brand agency dictates repair and servicing done at designated repair outlets in which case the faulty watch will be sent to such agencies.

Watch Glass Cutting/Replacing

We offer an onsite watch glass cutting service which includes flat mineral glass cutting of any shape and size and thickness, curved glasses of all shapes and sizes, optic style magnification thick style curved glasses of all shapes, curves and thicknesses, round glasses thickness 0.7 mm to 3mm+. Where possible these cut glasses can be done with coloured borders. We all so supply and fit factory supplied pre-cut round mineral watch glasses in various sizes and thicknesses. We offer a full range of old style watch glasses including lentile and armoured plastic glasses for the older winding and automatic watches. We can cut, fit and supply all watch glasses for all watch brands possible, no outsourcing.

Waterproofing Service      

We offer a full and comprehensive waterproofing service to all waterproof and water resistant watches. We use a professional Seiko waterproof testing machine and use imported Swiss rubber gaskets and silicone gasket grease to waterproof all watch cases. We do waterproofing and testing on all watch brands.

Watch Battery Replacement

We fit batteries to al brands of watches, insertion clocks, clocks, timers, calculators, electronic diamond/gold scales, hearing aids, gate remote units, car key remote units etc. We offer a battery replacement service while you wait or a same day battery replacement and waterproofing service. We check watch batteries first and if the capacity is found to be low we replace the battery. Waterproof watches are tested before opening of the watch and after replacing the battery we will do a proper waterproof test and waterproof service at the discretion of the customer. Waterproof testing and service is not part of watch battery replacement service and is optional.

Watch Strap/Bracelet Service

We fit watch straps and bracelets to all brands of watches and offer a wide choice in straps and bracelets. These choices include a full range of straps and bracelets included below.

● Leather straps in various colours, textures and designs

● Rubber and plastic straps of various thicknesses 

● Metal bracelets in chrome/stainless steel and gilt

● Metal stretch straps in various finishes

● Swatch style straps

All these straps come in different sizes, lengths, designs, finishes and colours either in gents or ladies straps. The choices for the customer are vast and only the best quality is supplied and fitted.

We can also shorten bracelets by removing the links of the bracelet. We can also lengthen certain bracelets by fitting a strap extension clasp.