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Welcome to Southern Watch

Watch Makers Tools

Southern Watch Jewellery & Electronic Supplies stock a wide range of tools for the discerning watchmaker. The list supplied on this page forms part of our extensive stock list which includes more than displayed here. The list of tools on this page includes movement holders for quartz watches, multipurpose movement holders for quartz and analogue watches, plastic watch case holders, metal watch case holder with clamp. Tools to remove straps and links of straps include plastic link remover, watch bracelet pin removing kit and a superior quality link/pin remover. Case opening tools include waterproof watch case opener. Watchmakers screw driver includes Swiss made screw driver sets of 5 and 8 with extra blades with revolving base, loose screwdrivers. Tools to remove spring bars, spring bar remover. Tools to hold stems to fit buttons on a winder are pin vices and pin tongs. We stock full range of antimagnetic tweezers and stainless steel tweezers. Tools for fitting watch glasses includes glass fitting machine with aluminium dies and nylon dies respectively with extra large nylon dies available optional. Tools used to remove watch hands include hands remover in plunger or presto models and manual hands remover tools in steel. Various eye glasses in different strengths and styles are available. Oil dippers and oilers are used to oil delicate parts of a watch. Benzene pots are available to clean dirty watch parts. Parts can be stored in watch spares boxes made of aluminium.